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Mill Tek Toll Grinders
About Us
What We Do

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Mill Technologies. We are a family owned and operated company with over 30 years of combined experience in the milling and tolling industry. We specialize in material refining, by means of toll processing that creates a cost effective solution to meet our customer’s needs.                                                   
Material Testing

    In addition to being a large volume processing facility, we also offer options for material testing, trial and short run tolling to assist customers with their research and development. To find out more, please feel free to contact us.
Toll Proccessing
Unit Size Reduction

    We have the knowledge and expertise to customize a toll processing solution for our customer’s applications. When faced with the challenges of highly abrasive or heat sensitive materials we can employ the use of our Alpine Fluidized Bed Jet Mill. Additionally, we use Air Classified Mills of varying design and configurations to achieve the specific micron required.


    Should the situation arise, we are able to reduce a wide range of unit sizes to meet our customer’s needs. We can accomplish this through the use of Hammer crushers, Pelletizers, Delumpers and Granulators. This process is used to create a course product to meet a customer’s specification or as the beginning step in achieving a finer micron


Partical Analyzing

    To ensure quality and consistency we offer a variety of screening options. When dealing with materials that can be difficult to classify we rely on the use of our Vibrasonic technology for mesh de-blinding and increased throughput. We have the ability to screen in-line with production, as well as, off-line for custom and check screening applications.
Sieve shaker
Jet sieve
Lazer Partical Analyzer

    Our analytical department capabilities include Micron Air Jet Sieves, Ro-Tap Sieve Shakers and a Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer. These technologies not only provide us with expert data collection but also allow us to maintain a very tight tolerance to customer’s requirements